Sunday, August 30, 2009


This is the total harvest from the Jacob's Cattle Beans we planted. They're beautiful beans. We sowed 50, had terrible germination rates, had terrible Mexican Bean Beetles, and ended up with about 500 beans. We're not sure yet if we'll save some to try again next year, or eat them all. For now they will rest comfortably in a jar and look pretty. :)


  1. Maybe next year they'll do better, who knows? The boston's favorite beans did better, but yeah, both got pretty well mauled by the beetles.

  2. Quite lovely. I planted some of these as well, but as a late crop. We'll see if the weather holds and I get anything. As I write it's in the 50's here with the weather tonight predicted to get into the mid-40's. That's pretty cold for August.

  3. They look lovely!! I bought a pack of black beans and thought I'd give them a whirl this year.. Best of luck with your garden!